Work Order Inquiry 

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Please copy and paste this document into an e mail, fill out each relevent section, and send!
Please attach all relevant images and other files with a Zip Folder.

Business Name:
Desired Web Domain:
Business Owner:
Hosting/Domain Account Info: (if applicable)

Note: We offer premium low cost hosting with less restrictions than other major hosts such as godaddy.


Please list the specific pages & programs you would like your website to include. Additional relevant descriptions will be added in the sections below. 

Examples: Home (required), services/products, about us, news blog, photo gallery, map, calendar, reviews, customer info retention, coupon builder, e commerce (equipped with billing system, full quantity and inventory control, shipping specs, product options, product reviews, and more).

Home Page:

will represent a summary of your business. Please write a description of what your business is and why patrons should choose your services. Sell yourself, what makes you unique? Do you have a motto or a slogan?

If you need help with the writing of this or any content, we can help! (Additional Rates May Apply)


pages should include relevant descriptions of each product.  Product descriptions need only be a sentence or two. If product line is of large quantity please include all category and sub category titles and descriptions. This is basically an inventory. 

Service pages:

should include detailed information (at least two paragraphs), providing the who, what, when, where, why and how of each service.  Make sure that you include keyword rich content of each service (what potential customers will be searching to find you). This is one of the primary factors in developing a highly visible website. 

About Us:

This is your opportunity to share the story of how your business was established. It is also where you would share credentials, what makes you qualified to perform services/distribute product, years of operation, and any other personal information that may help you connect with a customer.

News Blog:

This portion of content will update periodically. This is where you would offer any promotional services, discounts, coupons, topics related to service/product, etc. If you do not plan on updating content, we don't need this section, however, if you are interested in SEO Marketing, this is a must.


(if applicable) This is useful if your business has ongoing events, promotional offers, etc.

Photo Gallery:

(if applicable): Images should be accompanied with any categories and descriptions. For organizational purposes, please title all images, write titles and descriptions here and what categories, if any, images should be associated with.

Need help with Photography?  We can help! (Additional rates May Apply)


(if applicable) This is your online store where you would sell your products. This would include all product images, descriptions, prices, styles, sizes, colors, methods of payment, shipping methods, return policies and agreements. Using a credit processing system requires a security certificate. We will price this into the cost of your site if you host with us. If you already have hosting with another vendor, you'll have to purchase the Certificate through them.

Note:we cannot accommodate e-commerce with budget hosting accounts. It is recommended that you use First Data or We can consult you in this, though the account must be created by the business owner. Using Paypal only as a payment method does not require Security Certificate.

Customer Information Retention:

(if applicable) This is typically related to ecommerce where users of your services can create their own accounts for log in, order history, tracking, etc. This is also useful for obtaining any demographics about customers, compiling call and e mail lists, and feedback/review info. What would you like to know about your customers?

Additional Programs: 

Testimonials, Coupon Builder, Calendar, Estimate, Image Portfolio, Invoicing, Pay Online, Appointment Booking

Map/Contact/ Hours of Operation:

If you would like to include any additional contact information not recorded in the first section, please list it here. Business hours and additional times for services, etc. go here.

Terms of Use/Privacy Policy/FAQ Sheet:

(if applicable) Any information your customer may need about products services, warnings, frequently asked questions, helpful tips, terms of service, etc.

Social Media Connections:

Linking additional internet presences to your website are imperative to a well marketed and highly visible web site. It is recommended that you have the following media. (please copy links here. If you do not have these accounts, please complete before web site launch) If you want videos, it is recommended that you create a YouTube page. We will link this to your site.

Google Plus:


Are there other websites that have elements that you find aesthetically pleasing, or are well organized in a manner that you would like us to borrow from? Sometimes this helps us to better understand your vision. These sites do not have to be related to your business, nor will we copy anything about the design. Let us know what colors you'd prefer. Please list websites here.

Additional Notes:

What else do we need to know?

We can also accommodate graphice design for logos, banners, etc.  (Additional Rates may Apply)

Before you send...Did you remember....?
Business logo (.png format preferred)
location images (outside/inside)
product/service images
employee photos (if applicable)
graphics and banners
Please attach these files in a zip folder. For Bulk items, accommodations can be made.