EDG eAdvertising Solutions

Founded as a web development company, EDG has always aimed to provide a personalized experience for all of our clients. We understand that a customized website is only the beginning of our relationship with you.  To establish and develop a digital foot print for your brand requires an in depth understand of what you do, where you are going, and how you will get there. This is an experience of creating a vision and going on a mission.


EDG defines eAdvertising as the development, growth, and branding of business through the persistent power of technology. We work with you personally to understand your vision and implement your mission.  Your website is only the beginning. From there we target your customer base with a variety of SEO, SEM & Social Media Marketing strategies.  We have developed our own platform, M2, to deliver a higher return on your investment, turning Google searches into viewers, into contacts, and into customers. We are here to guide, to inspire, to motivate, and to help your brand achieve it's maximum potential. 

Who We Are Not

So many web development companies piece together pre existing plug-in programs to build your website.  They choose a design from a list of templates and throw it together to deliver a final product. They throw around buzz terms like SEO & Reputation Management. Why? Because, they treat you like a commodity. How can they really offer you an optimized experience when the platform they build upon goes against everything major search engines seek in bringing a website into high keyword visibility? How can they build a solid online reputation for your brand when they don't know the first thing about your business? In short; they can't!

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow with you, to use technology to help your brand compete. No matter what the size of your business or budget, EDG commits to carving out your slice of the proverbial pie. EDG offers video, graphic design, photography, content writing, and yes, even print materials.  If it can help your business succeed online, we can do it for you. Join us in building your brand. Join our growing list of successful businesses. Join the digital revolution!