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In the age of multitasking madness and constantly moving parts, the one consistency is consumer dependency on smart phones. It seemingly does everything for them from scheduling to searching, and if they are searching for your business services on the web and don't find them, they'll most certainly be scheduling their needs with one of your competitors. Simply stated, new business websites are imperative and if you don't have one, don't expect to be open for business for very long.  

Another common mistake new business owners make is cutting corners on the website they obtain.  They forget to include the cost in their budget, instead utilizing it on antiqued means such as print ads, and then they are left to use a cheap and ineffective service.  We won't name them here, though you know to whom we speak of.  They who shall not be named like to dangle the carrot of "free" in your face.  Seriously? Free?!  What do you actually expect to receive from a business that's free? Or even better, are you offering free services in your place of business?! Of course you're not!

If you want to acquire more business, you're going to need a website for your new business that is built properly, with your vision in mind. From there, that website is going to need to appear in search engines when potential customers search for your products or services.  


Why Choose EDG?

  • We take care of everything
  • We meet on your time
  • We are available to you
  • We remember your name
  • We care about what you do
  • Our success is your satisfaction
  • We don't have hidden fees
  • Mobile compatible and fully optimized
  • Browser compatibility
  • Unrestricted hosting
  • SSL implementation
  • Domains
  • Targeted marketing strategies

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