What Is Simplicity?

Simplicity was developed by Michael Howey in 1999 and has undergone significant upgrades over the past 20 years. What originally began as a way for customers to easily update their website's content, became a platform built for marketing with accordance to major search engine standards.  This is what populates your website into higher search visibility.

Simplicity does not use plug-ins; a huge no-no in custom website development.  Plug-ins bog down website loading time and often crash when rendered incompatible.  Plug-ins are a short cut and the major reason why basement website designers can do things for you on the "cheap." You get what you pay for. All programs developed through Simplicity are created and added specifically for your needs. From eCommerce stores, review forms, contact forms and estimate generators to CSV reporting, invoicing, Quickbooks integration and more;  If you business needs software to help expedite company tasks, Simplicity can do it. 

Simplicity continues to grow and evolve in accordance with the ever changing dynamics of web search and website compatibility. With this platform you can always be assured that your website will always be given the greatest opportunity to be successful. Much like great grandmas famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, the inner workings of this platform are a well kept secret.  It is the proprietary measures that separate this platform from all others. When you commit to services with EDG eAdvertising Solutions, you'll know that your website is wrapped in the warm fuzzy blanket known as Simplicity.