Search Engine Optimization

A new website can takes several months to search well in Google, if it even finds visibility at all. There are several methods of expediting this process by utilizing proper header and meta data description techniques in correlation with keyword rich and keyword dense website content and submitting it into major search engine indexes. 

Additionally, monitoring our strategy with monthly analytics tracking/reporting and making adjustments to tweak content/meta along with new content submissions and content repurposing is the most effective way to gain higher search engine visibility and work toward being number one in your area for keywords specific to your services.

Google Adwords can be a very expensive option for a start up if not developed correctly. This is a "Pay Per Click" ad that can drain your business resources with keywords and geographical regions that don't serve your desired clientele. We consider this method to be temporary in building a bridge between organic (SEO) search results and immediate customer retention. Our focus will minimize your price per click, generating the most impressions/click through ratio for those you want to reach within your budget.

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