Digital Marketing Options

EDG eAdvertising Solutions takes a no nonsense approach to Digital Marketing by utilizing the most long term and effective SEO & Social Media strategies coupled with a short term SEM (Google Adwords) campaign to bring immediate success to your new business. We follow the latest standards for digital media marketing & SEO set by Google starting with the creation of the properly structured data within the platform of each website we build. Your website can be your most effective advertising option and produce the greatest return on investment if it is marketed properly.

Search Engine Optimization


A new website can takes several months to search well in Google, if it even finds visibility at all. There are several methods of expediting this process by utilizing p...

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Optimize. Maximize. No Compromise.

M2 Marketing

Introducing an SEO program compatible with any website building platform. The statistics do not lie! Website marketing is the number one advertising tool for any busin...

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Social. Media. Management.

Social Media Marketing

There are many options with Social Media Management, the most generally effective being Facebook & Instagram. Targeted monthly posts, paid boosts, data reporting, and a...

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Additional Services