Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find common questions and inquiries as it pertains to EDG eAdvertising Solutions websites, web marketing, business branding, consulting, web hosting, domains, content, photography, video, policy, and other web related matters.  If you have a question not addressed on this page, please use the contact form.  This page is a work in progress!

Do I Have to Host with EDG eAdvertising Solutions?

No.  You are free to host with any company you like.  This question often comes up with website redesigns. Hosting is a yearly charge, much like Godaddy or other service providers.  Our rates are very comparable but also come with unlimited storage, space, and e mail addresses. It will be about $150 per year, billed from the start of your project. The first year is typically included with the website design.  This is separate from marketing so regardless of whether or not you choose to market with us, the hosting bill would still come once a year. You could also choose to host with someone else if you'd like though we wouldn't recommend it.  We do not profit from this fee.  It pays for our server and allows us to keep everything in house should an issue ever arise with your website. That's rare, though we can correct it pretty seamlessly if we have access to everything.
How Many Domains Do I Need?

Usually, just one. We do not sell domains and they can usually be purchased through GoDaddy if available and you will need to renew through them yearly. You should get e mail reminders or you can set up auto renew. We can also purchase these for you as a part of your project and would renew them yearly for you so you have one less thing to worry about.The only fee charged for this is the price of your domain.  Unless you are concerned with someone taking related domain names or using related domains in some way against you, you should only have one.  This is relatively unheard of. Another reason for using multiple domains would be if you used them on any advertising. This is not recommended.  Having multiple site redirects from multiple domains is not good for website visibility either. All those who find you on a Google search will do so with keywords, not your domain.

Any Other Yearly Fees?

The only other charge would be a yearly security certificate (SSL). This helps with search visibility and prevents hacks and the sharing of any private info that others may use in the contact form. These are required for eCommerce with credit processing.  You are not required to renew this without eCommerce credit processing, though it is recommended.  The price tag on that is $125.00/yr.  This is included for the first year with your web design.

Do You Use Wordpress?

Nope! We have developed our own unique web development platform called Simplicity. Each website we build is done with unique features specific to your needs. Template builders like Wordpress are not conducive with website visibility, meaning how people find you when they search Google.  Any basement bargain web developer can crank out a Wordpress website.  It'll be cheap, mostly because they won't do very much work, though it will be ineffective as a promotional tool for your business.  If your website isn't an advertising tool for your business, you might as well not have one. No one will ever find you when searching for your services.

What Is Simplicity?

Simplicity was developed by Michael Howey in 1999 and has undergone significant upgrades over the past 20 years. What originally began as a way for customers to easily update their website's content became a platform built for marketing with accordance to major search engine standards.  This is what populates your website into higher search visibility. We also don't use plug-ins; a huge no-no in site development.  Plug-ins bog down website loading time and often crash when rendered incompatible.  Plug-ins are a short cut and again, another reason why basement designers can do things for you on the "cheap." All programs are created and added specifically for your needs. From eCommerce stores, review forms, contact forms and estimate generators to CSV reporting, invoicing, qucikbooks integration and more.  If you business needs software to help expedite company tasks, Simplicity can do it.