eCommerce Website & Additional Programming

Our eCommerce website platform, powered by Simplicity, is a fully customizable experience catered to your products and specifications. Do not be limited by plug in based online shopping carts that won’t allow you to deliver the product options you need. These plug in platforms often create a confusing customer experience with poor navigation and complicated input requirements. And you can forget about search engine visibility.

Our eCommerce website platform is conducive with search engine optimization and can include everything you need to make your online store successful. Our cart system is fully equipped for presentation, browsing, search and sale of rotating product items, unlimited product options, ordering with credit processing, security certificate implementation (SSL) for secure credit processing, delivery options, delivery instructions, featured items, new items, sale items, product reviews, related search products, customer retention information and verification, wholesale/retail account sign up and login forms with separate pricing, unlimited coupon code features, gift certificate generator, pop out consumer retention window with special offers, inventory logging, package tracking, newsletter sign up, CSV financial, product and customer account info exporting, easy order alert notification with clear instruction on order specifications, store product updating. (additional features available upon request).

Read about EDG eOrdering for Restaurant online ordering and in store printing.

Additional Programming

Utilizing the right programming features on your website will allow your customers to provide the most accurate information for their needs with the click of a few simple buttons. Not only does it expedite their experience, it also saves you time and money. It's like having a 24 hour a day employee without the labor costs! These are services you cannot receive from template based web design providers. Whatever creates more efficiency for your business, we can build! 

  • Sell online
  • Create personalized estimate/quote/inquiry forms
  • Generate and export reports: expenditures, invoices, customer info
  • Testimonials and coupon builders
  • Integrate QuickBooks, payment processors and more!
Additional Services
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