Why A Website Matters

Asking yourself why a website matters is akin to asking yourself why a car needs tires. Asking what part your presence on the web plays to your success is equivalent to asking what part of a rain drop is wet. Ok, sorry; went a little existential there. No need to ask more questions when we still haven't addressed the first one. The fact is, your web presence may only be a part of your success, though not having a website can lead to small business failure.

EDG eAdvertising Solutions has reached out to many small local businesses who lack a marketable and proficient web design, only to be told that they've done just fine without a website and don't understand it's significance. A few months later, we'd follow up to see if they had changed their minds. Unfortunately, the doors are now locked and the phone number is not in service. No, we didn't badger them into seclusion! The businesses that didn't have a website now no longer have a business.
The days of doing business face to face are becoming a thing of the past. The world is full of multitasking individuals with smart phones in hand who race from space to space like mice in a cheese race. No judgments here. It was what it was and now it is what it is. The point, however, is that if this is how it is, do you want to be a part of the "is" or the "was?" We can't get caught up in the past tense to sustain a present and build a future. This was supposed to be about web design, but suddenly its become a therapy session. Don't lie down, let's just digress...
EDG eAdvertising Solutions knows the importance of web presence, mobile phone compatibility, and internet marketing. We can appease all of your concerns about web design prices and your apprehensions pertaining to evolving with the world of technology. Instead of using jargon meant to confuse you and to sell you things you don't need, we speak in terms that make sense to you and create a project based on your budget and your need. As a local business ourselves, we wouldn't have it any other way. Fill out a quote form or inquiry and we will return your call the same day!
April 29, 2019