Why A Mobile First Approach Is Necessary In Web Design

Why A Mobile First Approach Is Necessary In Web Design

Before we make the more elaborate air tight case for the mobile first approach to web design, consider the following:

  • 70% of all Google searches are conducted via a mobile device
  • 25% of all internet viewers use a mobile device exclusively
  • Google requires a mobile compatible website for full Search Engine Optimization

Still need convincing? By all means, please read on…

The most popular discussion pertaining to the mobile first web design conversation is the importance of design philosophy and the ability to create need for services or products quickly. From a web designer’s perspective, the protocol has historically worked from building the largest screen down to the smallest. Desktop view with full and accessible functionality was always the priority. 

However, most of the web design elements and functionality that are aesthetically pleasing and work well on a desktop or laptop no longer translate and therefore take a backseat to a good mobile experience. Remember that 70% mobile view statistic? At worst, desktop first makes the whole site unusable on mobile; at the very least, extremely hard to navigate.

Mobile first web design ideology negates what we used to know about quality design work. We haven’t discarded the importance of a strong desktop or laptop presence, though we now start the design process with mobile considerations and constraints and then work our way up from there. We must consider the masses.  A desktop first approach alienates 25% of a potential customer base as they will never see a good first impression of your business in digital form. 

Mobile first design takes into consideration the smaller form factor of the device, and serves up a different version of the site that makes the most relevant information readily available and may hide or eliminate everything that isn’t necessary to making the sale. In today's fast paced short attention spanned society, if a potential new customer cannot find what they are looking for immediately, they will simply click elsewhere. 

Taking the mobile first approach will ultimately generate new customers, meaning more revenue for your growing business.  EDG eAdvertising Solutions specializes in mobile first web design; sharp and eye-catching aesthetics, call to action prompts, effective and efficient navigation at the fingertips of eager new customers. If your current website is not mobile first, it means your current web design company is not staying on top of the ever evolving industry of digital media.  We stay ahead of the curve, ahead of the trends, thereby helping YOU become a leader in your own industry. Let’s continue this discussion. Call us today, 443.691.7572 or fill out the quote form for more information.  

November 27, 2019