Web Design For Carroll County Restaurants

EDG eAdvertising Solutions was given the opportunity to redesign the Amante Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Carroll County a couple months back after discovering that their web site was doing nothing to promote their establishment. As a small local business, we thrive on creating a web design for Carroll County restaurants that have been victims of national web and marketing companies that make lofty promises and only produce results after they have sufficiently drained their customers bank accounts. EDG eAdvertising Solutions prides its business on helping other small business achieve the success they deserve by creating websites in correlation with marketing strategies that are compliant with SEO standards. We do so in an effort to establish and maintain an ongoing relationship to help increase your profits, not to steal them.

Content is of the utmost importance when attempting to successfully market a website. Search engines such as Google are reading your website to find content that web users are typing into search engine browsers. In the case of the Amante's Restaurant, there was one glaring omission in the way of content...The Menu!
It should be acknowledged that the menu was posted on the site, however, the issue was that it was an IMAGE of the menu and Google can't read an image in their search for content. This was only one of several errors in the web design by this national company promising cheap prices. The reasons their prices are presented as being low is that the site they will create for you may look aesthetically pleasing, however it is basically created in template form and churned out like millions of other cookie cutter designs. What they won't tell you is that just having a website is not enough. When they do, they will suddenly quote you marketing fees that probably come close to matching the rent at your restaurant.
Do you feel like your current web design company is serving your best interests? Or are they relying on the fact that they can use your lack of web design and marketing knowledge to take complete advantage of you? EDG eAdvertising Solutions works to understand your needs and will create a website that is unique, aesthetically pleasing, and will actually be seen by people in search of a place to take their family for dinner. Amante Restaurant has seen a significant increase in web traffic since we redesigned their site and began marketing it over the past two months. They have been so pleased that we are in the process of creating two additional websites for their other business interests.
EDG eAdvertising Solutions Services is here to help! Fill out an inquiry or call 443.691.7572 and we promise to contact you back the same day! How's that for a customer service concept? Represent your restaurant on the web, give it the attention it deserves, for a price you can afford!
September 25, 2015