Online Ordering Solutions For Local Independent Restaurants

Edge eOrdering Solutions

Accepting online orders for a restaurant used to be something that only larger scale organizations with deep pockets could afford. Additionally, finding the right point of sale system with full integration of both in store and online ordering is a process that notoriously leaves many small business owners scratching their heads. These assumed setbacks have prevented many local and independently owned restaurants from joining the digital revolution, causing them to miss out on increased customers and revenue from a new generation that largely communicates through the efficiency of technology. 

Let’s face it, customers love the ease of ordering online, there is no way around it, and it’s only going to become more prominent.  80% of Americans use online ordering on a regular or semi-regular basis! Many restaurants that have been successful for years often find it difficult to embrace change, even though all signs and statistics point to an overall desire to place their orders without calling a store directly. Not only is it easier for the customer, as they have the menu and all of it’s options at their fingertips, it’s also easier for the restaurant business owner.  An online ordering system is a full time employee that never gets orders wrong, never has to place the customer on hold, and can simultaneously handle as many orders that are thrown its way without ever needing a restroom break. 
Edge eOrdering is the solution to all of these perceived challenges. It’s affordable, easy to install, and doesn’t require any integration with an in store point of sale system. We can take any restaurant’s current website and update it. We can then run that online ordering system through our App technology right into a portable printer that can be set up anywhere inside of the restaurant. And that’s it!  You’ve now joined the digital revolution and can increase your business, catering to those who appreciate the ease of online ordering. No third party websites, no pay per order fees, no headaches, no hassle.  Just. New. Customers. 
Edge eOrdering Features Include:
  • Updated website, fully optimized for higher search engine visibility
  • Integration of restaurant menu with all items and variables. 
  • Carryout & Delivery Options
  • Online Payment directly into merchant account
  • Receive order notification through printer, e-mail, and text
  • Easy Installation & Use
  • Ongoing Tech Support & System Updates

Contact us for more information. There are many affordable payment options and we can have you set up and installed within weeks.   We have provided this service to the satisfaction of many local, independently owned restaurants including our friends over at J and P Pizza.  Check it out for yourself!  Join the digital revolution and become a member of Edge eOrdering today!
October 05, 2017