How SEO Works For Your Website

There are so many articles and references out there today when it comes to marketing your website. The viewpoints and strategies are so many and varied, no wonder local business owners have their heads spinning at the thought of choosing the appropriate web design company to promote their business. Truth is, there are so many legitimate strategies out there that no one web design company could possible be able to provide you with guaranteed solutions in speed of sound time frames. What you are really looking for is a company honest enough to say that, "There is no magic formula."

Welcome to EDG eAdvertising Solutions. We understand that a marketing strategy can be complex when attempting to crack the code of Google's algorithms. Google has never published the inner workings of their algorithm, so when web companies pretend to know how to infiltrate this magical fortress, know this...THEY ARE LYING! What you are looking for is a web design company that knows and focuses on what is important, has learned a trick or twenty in their 10 plus years experience in dealing with Google, and can offer you the personalized experience and effort required of such a seemingly insurmountable task. And yes, we just referred to ourselves in the third person. No one is perfect!
EDG eAdvertising Solutions understands content, understands links, understands meta tags, and understands Google standards. We also understand how valuable your money really is to you. We understand how your budget may only warrant the focus of one medium. In today's technology driven world, that medium must be the Web. As a small group of dedicated professionals, we know the value of achieving high return on small investment. That's why we have catered our business to you, the multitude of local business owners just looking for a fair shot at the large corporate conglomerates. Where ever you're located, we can help!
We typically utilize this blog to drum up business. Hey, we are SEO compliant too! We always include a link to a quote form in our blogs to get an estimate on your project. What we'd like to do at this time is surpass the quote form and get to what is important. We want to answer your questions about SEO, Marketing, Web Design, local vs. national web companies, or any other concern you've ever had about the mixed messages received from all this web world anarchy. Fill out this form; you don't even have to include contact information. Simply ask your question and the next blog we write will answer that question! If you give the okay, we will even mention you by name!
September 16, 2015