Getting Caught In Google Mobile Geddon

In what's being described as "Mobile Geddon," Google has changed their algorithm to penalize websites that aren't mobile friendly . This means that many small businesses will see a huge visibility decrease in Google searches. True mobile compatibility is when a user can load a website into their mobile device and read it without having to pinch and expand the screen. The text is large, the links are immediate, and the site is sized to fit any screen.

According to many credible sources including "Business Insider," effective immediately, Google is making this change that will drastically effect the way a website is searched. It's hard enough for small businesses to compete with national chains, and now it just got more difficult. If you have a website created by a template designer, or a build your own website design, you're already not doing well in online search visibility. And now it just got worse. If you are a small business or know someone who is, this could cost you a lot of business. 60% of those who search services on Google do so on their mobile devices.
Content has always been the most important factor in SEO and visibility. There are several other factors and many proprietary elements that EDG eAdvertising Solutions incorporates into our services which make us very successful with website marketing. Google has decided that while content is important, being able to read it is more important. Truth is, they are right and that's why this change has become necessary. Haven't you ever grown frustrated when searching a website on a mobile device that you constantly have to expand and pinch the screen just to read something? Forget about trying to find contact info either! Eventually, potential customers just move on to the next site that is mobile friendly.
The good news is that there's something you can do about it! EDG eAdvertising Solutions is a small business as well. We keep up with the ever changing trends of Google algorithms and we understand how to get a small business strong visibility in web searches. We can upgrade your website, make it mobile friendly, and fully optimize it to increase your search visibility to page 1 status! The staff at EDG eAdvertising Solutions has done this for hundreds of small businesses throughout the years.
Internet marketing is imperative to the success of any business. It's not enough just to have a website. Subsequently, you shouldn't have to pay a thousand dollars a month with Google Adwords. National Marketing companies will gouge you just the same, and the truth is, they do very little to actually market you! EDG eAdvertising Solutions is local and personalized. You will always speak to an real person that will become your dedicated representative going forward. We will work with you to understand your business, your demographic, and the consumer trends in your area.
You do not want to wait! If done properly, marketable websites are the number 1 advertising tool for any business. Don't get left behind. Contact EDG eAdvertising Solutions and we will not only make your site mobile compatible, we will fully optimize it and offer a marketing strategy to get you the Google listing you need to succeed! Contact us today for more information.
September 24, 2015